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Adventures In Gods Presence - Volume 4


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Adventures 4, with its chimey guitars and airy keyboards is a little more reflective, with plenty of great congregational songs and lots of feeling. Holland Davis, Vivien Schmuki and Deven Berryhill make songs like Breathe On Me, We Need Your Love, We Exalt Your Name, I am Yours and Closer to Me come alive.

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1. Breathe On Me - Holland Davis
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2. We Need Your Love - Holland Davis
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3. Speak Into My Life - Vivien Schmuki
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4. You're Working In My Life - Deven Berryhill
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5. We Exalt Your Name - Holland Davis
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6. I Am Yours - Vivien Schmuki
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7. Forever Love You - Holland Davis
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8. Even More - Deven Berryhill
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9. You Delivered Me - Vivien Schmuki
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10. Closer To Me - Deven Berryhill
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